Our modern life depends on electric power very much and, this electric power is to be sent by power cable. In order to send the power in stable condition, the reliability of the cable is extremely important. However, for the cables are being used at sea and underground, the degradation phenomena of the cable can be found. Water tree is one of the main degradation of the cables. There are several methods to investigate the degradation of cables. Among them we are using simulation method to detect water tree by using loss current method.





 Since the AC voltage is applied to the cable, the electric field value in the vicinity of water tree will continue to change over time. It is difficult to measure the electric field experimentally which will change in a short period of time. In order to calculate the electric field values of the water trees and to visualize the electric field in the vicinity of the change to water trees, simulation works are carried out by using a circuit simulator (LTspice). Our works can be helpful to understand the phenomena of water tree in the cables.



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